If my son continues to fly fish he should get a lot of use out of this combo and then can move on as he gets better. $309.00. The Orvis Recon + Hydros Reel Combo Review. The trickle-down Helios tech seemed to do its job. ... For the money its well made. Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rods - FREE Fly Line of your choice! Orvis Recon 9' 8wt Orvis Helios 3F 9' 5wt Orvis Recon 10' 3wt Orvis Recon 9' 5wt Our Price: $549.00 . rod in a very light weight, ideal for small streams but not afraid to do battle on larger waters. Fly Fishing Combo (3) Fly Fishing Reel (7) Fly Fishing Rod (9) Fly Floatant (6) Forceps (3) Glove (1) Hunting Hoodie (1) ... Orvis Recon Fly Fishing Rod - 9ft 5wt. $199.00. Orvis’ answer was to create two versions of its new Helios rods — the 3F and 3D. Learn about our commitment. . The Clearwater holds its own against the Recon and I don’t plan on buying a new 6-weight any time soon. From. The Recon is lighter, faster, and has better feel. Maps Not Included - Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. (Though it will be fun on the MO too when the wind isn’t ripping.) The question I can’t personally answer is if a Helios 3F or 3D is twice the rod as the Recon. Orvis Recon 905-4 Fly Rod Outfit (5wt 9'0" 4pc) Brand: Orvis. Orvis Commits 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting nature. At least, very few recreational fly fishers can cast well on autopilot beyond 65 feet or so. 1. Orvis 2019 Clearwater 905-4 Fly Rod Outfit : 9'0" 5wt 4.9 out of 5 stars 12. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a … When Orvis created its popular Helios 3 fly rods, the company stopped trying to make a one taper fits all flagship rod. Think of the “F” for finesse while the “D” is for distance. Most fly fishers don’t notice because they’re busy watching their fly — which is what you should be doing. 55+ Camping Gifts for Campers & Outdoor Fanatics, The Best Down Jacket 2019: Ultimate Guide. If you want a Made-in-America reel, in addition to your fly rod, add the Orvis Mirage LT instead. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod 4.8 out of 5 stars 165. Orvis takes great pride in outfitting fly-fishing anglers around the globe, as we have for well over a century. Thank you and Fish On, ** Most Orders Shipping Same or Next Business Day!**. 5 Weight - 4 piece $495.00: Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 9 ft. 5 Weight - 4 piece $495.00: Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 10 ft. 5 Weight - 4 piece $495.00: Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rod - 9 ft. 5 Weight - 4 Piece However, Orvis just completely redeveloped the Clearwater lineup for 2019. Increased hoop strength, better tracking, improved damping, and ultimately, significantly improved accuracy are now incorporated into the Recon that is also stronger, more impact resistant, and offers the mid-price buyer access to the best technology Orvis fly rods have to offer. $ 198.00. For trout, the most common do-it-all fly rod is a 9′ 5-weight, which is what we tested. A fly rod and reel combo at a great price for the beginning angler that will handle any freshwater situation from ponds to big rivers. Of course you do. Recon teams a high-performance. Or nab a saltwater 10-weight for stripers or bass or musky. Sold Out. We have the largest selection of Orvis Fly Rods, Reels, and Outfits in stock. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings | 4 answered questions ... 5/6 Weight Fly Rod Deluxe Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package 4.6 out of 5 stars 233. By using our website you agree to our Cookie Policy. With close-in loading ability and the power for longer reach, the rods feature a modern shadow green blank and covert black nickel hardware. No worries. Shop Staff Notes: The NEW Orvis Recon 8’6″ 4-weight Fly Rod is the quintessential small to medium stream trout rod. The new Orvis Recon Fly Rod is a midrange+ fly rod that handily outperforms entry-level rods. If ever there was a standard for all-around performance on larger streams, rivers, and lakes for multiple species of fish, it's the Recon 5-Weight 9' 4-Piece Fly Rod. I consider the 9 foot, five weight fly rod to be the “best” all-around fly rod for trout fishing. 6d 13h 52m 41s. Whether you're looking for your first large arbor or want a spare reel or two in the bag, this modern and updated Clearwater Large Arbor can handle anything a machined reel can and looks awesome doing it. At first, you might be put off by the lack of shine in your new Recon rod, but the matte design is aimed at helping you spook fewer fish. Learn more. A great new die-cast reel design with a stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish, the Clearwater Large Arbor is still the best performance-to-value reel in the industry. The Orvis® Recon™ Fly Rod teams a high-performance, fast action feel with light swing weight. Very highly recommended. I did buy the same thing in the Recon combo and really like it even more. In comparison to my Orvis Encounter (entry level set up) it wasn’t even in the same ball park but this isn't an entry level combo. Orvis Clearwater 9ft 6inch 6wt 4pc. $ 498.00. Orvis Men's Clearwater 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod Fly Rod & Hydros SL II Reel & Nymph Line Package $ 600. The two different versions result in a whopping 27 options. This length/weight rod is the number one selling configuration. There’s no doubt the Recon is a handsome rod—-the olive blank built with Orvis’ new ferrule design is nice to look at, as is the black nickel uplocking reel seat complete with a dark burl wood insert. For the 80% of trout fishing most of us will do, the Recon is going to feel great and deliver great accuracy. $498.00. The 905-4 is a rod that can handle big trout, bass, and panfish from coast to coast. I was out a couple days ago for a day of fishing for smallmouth bass and was throwing 70-9 From $ 898.00 - $ 1,406.00 . Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning—providing a superior collection of quality fly rods at reasonable prices for the discerning angler. $ 498.00. Compare Compare Now. Pair it with the Orvis Hydros Reel for a well-matched combo. For the rest of us, we might do better by buying two different rods — say, a 9′ 6-weight for power and big flies and an 8’6″ 4-weight for smaller water and delicate presentations. Of course, as the fly fishing world has evolved, do-it-all has changed considerably. Learn about our commitment "If we are to benefit from the use of our natural resources, we must be willing to act to preserve them." It worked fine. I was pleased and impressed. Related Categories Recon Freshwater Fly Rods Superfine Carbon Fly Rods A fly rod that has great feel and casts delicate dries at short fish-stalking distances won’t have the power needed for chucking hopper-dropper rigs against the wind. Orvis Helios 3D - 9ft 5wt 4pc. $498.00. The metal is an anodized aluminum with a pewter finish that reduces glare and fish-scaring reflections. the Recon is ready for your next adventure. DUE TO COVID-19 THE SHOP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, SHOWROOM PICKUPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE WITH ORDERS PLACED ONLINE, Please email us with any questions. I love the blend of power and finesse and think Orvis did a great job. Maps Not Included - Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. Our Price: $549.00 . but you aren’t able or willing to drop $900 on a Helios rod. Orvis Recon Rod & Orvis Hydros II Reel: The Recon 9ft 5wt rod with the Hydros II reel will run you roughly $750. The drag knob is easy to adjust on the fly, and it has great feedback. What I did notice and appreciate is that the Recon seemed to settle down and recover very well after distance casts. It promises to deliver excellent performance for the money — and it’s definitely a big step up from the thoroughly decent Orvis Clearwater Reel. THE ROD: Orvis Recon Maps Not Included - Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. Uh-oh. Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods - FREE Fly Line of your choice! Our Recon Freshwater outfits include a Recon rod, Hydros SL reel, Hydros line, backing, and nylon covered rod tube. The Orvis Recon Rod that I have been fishing is a 9 foot 5 weight 4 piece fly rod. When the wind kicked up and I was throwing a double nymph rig with a large strike indicator, I had no problem getting midrange distances. Most fly fishers can handle these distances fairly well, and most trout fishing casts are in this range. HELP. If you have the budget, stop reading right now and just go buy a flagship fly rod. I throw a lot of rods paired with different lines and some combos are better than others. To reach him, take a "firstnamelastname" guess at. $ 549.00. Price: £465.00. Moonshine Rod Co. Surprisingly, the new Recons are a bit heavier than the previous generation, but not by much. By offering those two options, Orvis helps you error toward the types of fishing you do most when buying an expensive flagship rod. 0 bids. For anglers who would rather spend the day in the front of a skiff than behind a desk, we’ve created a rod ready to work as hard as you do in the pursuit of fish. Orvis Recon 5-Weight 9' Fly Rod, Type: Rod 2.8 out of 5 stars 3. Because I was paying attention to this on purpose, I thought the Recon recovered well with great damping. . * Shadow green blank with black nickel reel seat and dark burl wood insert * Heavy-duty black nickel hardware * 7" half wells grip * Silver snake and stripping guides * Aluminum rod tube Backed by the Orvis 25-year guarantee Share your knowledge of this product. This is what we learned: The Orvis Recon is a Made-in-America fly rod designed as a do-it-all workhorse. It’s definitely an excellent upgrade. It worked fine for me. ... Recon teams high-performance feel with lightness in hand. All of these components are high quality pieces of equipment on their own, but when combined they form a formidable fly fishing outfit. Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Rod - … ORVIS CLEARWATER 7ft 6in 4wt 4pc. It’s a great set up for bass, trout, striper, and other smaller freshwater fish. Auction includes cushioned Orvis … For longer casts, you’re going to have to pay a bit more attention to your casting stroke, which is pretty much what you have to do with every rod at long distances. . I very much like the new Orvis Hydros Reel. If you buy directly from Orvis, you can easily add the Orvis Hydros Reel and the new Orvis Hydros Fly Line to your order to create a combo outfit. Orvis Combo Clearwater Classic III Reel Streamline2 906-4 TIP Fly Fishing Rod 9' Why? Or maybe you want a 9′ 5-weight to handle the vast majority of your dry fly fishing . That combo is a winner! All rights reserved. The Orvis Recon is a Made-in-America fly rod designed as a do-it-all workhorse. On top of its strong performance, the Clearwater is backed by Orvis’ 25-year guarantee so I’m set for a … It’s a classic “Presentation vs Power” decision. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Orvis designed the new fast-action Recon to fit in between the Helios 3F and 3D — basically, it’s intended to have more power than the 3F but more feel than the 3D. The blanks are an understated matte olive green in the freshwater Recon rods. Orvis Helios 3 Fly Rods- (3-5 Days Delivery) Price: From: £879.00. Of course, as the fly fishing world has evolved, do-it-all has changed considerably. ©2020 Man Makes Fire by Wicked Cool Words LLC. Orvis Recon 5-weight 9' Fly Rod*NEW! The Recon is a fantastic casting machine. Our Price: $949.00 . and try out a new a 10′ 2-weight for some Euro nymphing. and all I can say is this rod is the real deal.Granted I haven’t fished it but it punches it out there with little effort.First rod iv’e been excited about in awhile.Love that it’s american made with 25 yr. warranty for #450.00.Orvis is doing some amazing things and … Orvis Recon Fly Rods. The Orvis Recon is an excellent all-around fly rod that’s Made in America. Like other Orvis fly rods, you can pair the Recon with an Orvis fly reel as well as Orvis fly line and end up with a matched fly rod and reel outfit. To get us a closer look at the new Clearwater combo, Orvis sent Man Makes Fire a 9-foot, 5-weight freshwater outfit review unit. Orvis Recon Fly Rod Outfits New 2020. Price: From: £879.00. Orvis Recon 10' 3 wt. Want the Man Makes Fire email newsletter with 17 tips to supercharge your outdoor adventures? Is it a great buy? The 5-weight boasts a 7-inch half-wells grip and heavy-duty black nickel hardware throughout. This is going to be a perfect all-around combo and is my personal favorite set up that I own. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour. I have to give a big thumbs up to the Orvis Recon Saltwater rod paired with the Orvis Saltwater All Arounder Line. Ok. My Account. It also delivers excellent performance compared to high-end rods that cost nearly twice as much. It looks like your browser is set to block cookies. If a meet-in-the-middle compromise rod gets your attention, the Recon is for you — especially if your Made-in-America rod-buying budget means you’re only going to get one new rod in the near future. In addition, you’re likely looking for a great rod that’s a clear step up from entry-level and intermediate rods in the $200-300 range . Basically, the 3F will have a bit more feel and deliver softer casts more accurately, especially at short and midrange distances while the 3D will sacrifice a bit of close-in feel in favor of distance and power. For most fly fishers, it will get the job done for the vast majority of fishing situations. The Orvis Recon is the rod designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures. Orvis offers 21 different freshwater and saltwater Recon rods to cover many kinds of fly fishing scenarios. ! The Orvis Recon + Hydros Reel Combo Review, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, 25 Gifts for Backpackers Who Have Everything, SEVENTY2 Survival System Emergency Kit Review, Showers Pass Apex Merino Tech Shirt Review, Odlo Natural + Kinship Warm Baselayer with Facemask Review, Must-Watch Video: ‘Danny MacAskill: The Ridge’, Obsession – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout in Oregon, Flying Cowboy Marshall Miller Shoots Through a Narrow Canyon, 5 Deer Rattling Tips: How to Call in Big Bucks During the Rut, Gear Guide: 22 Best EDC Knives for the Money, 45+ Best Gift Ideas for Fly Fishing Fanatics, Stio Eddy Drift LS Shirt Review: ‘Just Get One’, 10 Best Fly Fishing Waders for the Money 2020, 45 Best Gift Ideas for Fly Fishing Fanatics, “Getting outside changes how you see the world, changes how you appreciate pretty much everything.”. When you get into 10 weights and large arbor reels, weight of the combo takes a back seat. The new Recon Fly Rod from Orvis is almost here and it's going to be better than ever. Incidentally, you can get all of these rods in the 21 Recon options. However, you’ll appreciate that the Recon has the right action to help load and shot line easily. ). ORVIS RECON 8ft 6in 5wt 4pc. Orvis Rocky Mountain 5/6 reel and two piece Fenwick Eagle Graphite 7.5 Ft 2& 5/8 ounce fly rod. The Orvis Recon package features a Recon Fly Rod, Hydros SL Reel, Access Fly-Line, 125 yards of 20 lb Dacron backing, and a rod tube. Orvis Fly Rod Outfits. It’s an excellent midrange+ upgrade for the vast majority of fly fishers, and if you’re looking for a super-capable backup or speciality rod, you can’t go wrong. Fast action feel with light swing weight. If you’re considering the Orvis Recon, you likely care about buying rods that are Made in America. ... Up for No Reserve auction is a classic fly fishing combo. He’s written thousands of articles and gear reviews, but what he enjoys most is testing and reviewing outdoor gear where it belongs — outside. I caught two and hooked and lost more. Orvis isn’t publishing the weight of each of its rod versions, but in case you’re wondering, the 9′ 5-weight review unit weighed in at a respectable 3.05 ounces. Price: £49.00. The Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Reel Outfit is one of the best fly fishing combos available today — and has been for years. Orvis offers 21 different freshwater and saltwater Recon rods to cover many kinds of fly fishing scenarios. In 9ft rods wehave the following weights #5, #6, #7 and #8. Our Price: $549.00 . . I just cast the Recon in a 9FT. Orvis Practicaster. Shop the Orvis Recon direct from Orvis and pair it with a Hydros Reel to make a combo! $107.00. It's a classic 9' 4-wt. With cheaper rods, after a big cast you’ll see and feel the rod wiggle around as the fly is settling on the water. Why? Just uncheck this feature to enable cookies for your browser, and you’re all set. Orvis Recon Fly Fishing Rod. I started out with my introduction into euro nymphing with the introductory Orvis Clearwater combo to take the class with TCO on Spring Creek north of State Collage, PA(10' 3 wt.) Everything around the cave from BBQ, hunting, fishing and organizing so you can watch less and do more. 8 WT. Compare Compare Now. Check shipping/pricing: Aventuron | Avid Max | Fishwest | Orvis | Trident Fly Fishing, Orvis Recon Review: The New ‘Do-It-All Fly Rod’, Chris Maxcer is an avid fly fisher, camper, backpacker, public land hunter, and outdoor gear-lovin’ expert. At short range the Orvis Recon is very good — softer and more accurate than I was expecting. Spin Combo's 4 Piece Spin Rods 2 Piece Spin Rods Telescopic Spin Rods Kids Gear ... Orvis Recon NZD$899.99 Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items Newsletter. Every fly fisher casts differently and has different needs and casting preferences. ORVIS RECON 9ft 9 4pc. For fly fishers looking to buy a new rod, the 3F and 3D presents a bit a conundrum — which should I buy, the 3F or 3D? ORVIS RECON 8ft 6in 4wt 4pc. You get a clear step up from the Orvis Clearwater 9′ 5-weight in both performance and fit-and-finish. To get us a closer look, Orvis sent Man Makes Fire a 5-weight 9-foot Recon along with an Orvis Hydros II reel. Recon teams high-performance feel with lightness in hand. Shop for Orvis Fly Rod Combos at ReelFlyRod. Orvis Recon Fly Rod Outfits include the newly redesigned Recon fly rod, Orvis Hydros Fly Reel, premium Orvis Hydros Fly Line, premium Dacron Backing, and Tapered Leader, shipped professionally loaded, rigged, and ready to fish! Orvis Commits 5% of pre-tax profits to protecting nature. Maybe. Man Makes Fire publishes in-depth outdoor gear reviews designed to help you find the right gear for your outdoor adventures. The point is, some fly fishers are better served by choosing multiple midrange+ gear — like the Recon — instead of just one flagship model. $15 Shipping. $498.00. W. W. Doak Fly Fishing Combo Builder: Your Weight System Includes: ... Orvis Recon Fly Rod - 8 ft. 6 in. The Recon performs like many rods twice it’s price (except the Helios 3F 864-4 of course! From $ 249.00 - $ 352.00 . We use, test, and review gear including the best camping tents, best fly rod and reel combos, best fishing waders, best soft coolers, best camping stoves, SUPs, bikes, ski and snowboarding gear, and much much more. With a list price of $498, the Recon comes in at a midrange+ price point. For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. The saltwater versions get a sweet matte blue rod blank. Scientific Angler Frequency Trout Fly Line, Cortland Precision Trout Boss HTx Fly Line, Cortland 444 Classic Peach - Weight Forward, Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Fly Line, Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Fly Line, Premium Discount Fishing Flies hand tied by our own tiers since 2004. At midrange casts around 40-50 feet, the Orvis Recon comes alive. The cork handle is excellent, as you would expect from a Made-in-America rod, but the new reel seat with a burled wood insert really stands out. While I like the Orvis Clearwater quite a bit (Clearwater combo review here), give me a choice on the river and I’ll pick the Recon to fish with any day. Lots of different rods can load well, but to me, a great rod feels crisp and light at the end of a cast — and the Recon feels crisp and light. With a powerful inline, Carbon®-to-stainless, stacked disc drag that can hold its own with high-performance machined reels, the new Clearwater Large Arbor is easily converted to either left- or right-hand retrieve and has a positive click drag knob for consistent settings every time. I own a 5-weight Orvis Recon so I have a solid grasp on the quality of Orvis’ higher end rods. The new Orvis Hydros Reel is lighter than its predecessor, and features an improved drag with no start up inertia.