Most importantly, you can use our Race Car wheel alignment equipment with the highest confidence that you are achieving the highest quality Racing Setup and wheel alignment that you can. The reason for the onslaught of interest in this issue is because car builders have finally bought into the importance of roll centers, setup balance, Ackermann issues, and alignment. It is more like what you see is not necessarily what you get. A recent car we checked had a three inch difference, or almost inch of added toe in the turns. Step 1 Wheel Run-out Check Check both the front wheels and the rear wheels for run-out. In addition to the tools you need to measure caster, camber, and toe angle, Summit Racing carries all the specialized wrenches, sockets, and other tools you need to make adjustments to your front end. We have seen specs on these levels where they are as much as +/- ½ inch at 50 feet relative to the levelxs surface. With the string method, run a string down each side of the car at hub height and parallel to the centerline you have established. True Laser Track (TLT) makes Alignment Simple! In this section you'll find corner weight scales and alignment equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business, including Intercomp, Longacre, Dunlop, ART, and Smart. Alignment & Suspension Tools. Utilizing our racing background to bring race car performance to our customers daily drivers, or track weekend cars, is one of our specialties. Price £6.00. The basis of the system is the central laser attached to the pinion bearing mount. The “The Laser String” utilizes the same race proven laser component first applied to ARTs custom design laser for CART(Indycar) tech inspection system for 1996 and 1997 season for creating a reference plane parallel to the bottom of the IndyCar. Remember that for toe-out, the front measurement will always be more than the rear measurement on the toe plates. There's a logical progression to alignment and each company has put a lot of thought into the methods. The bottom line is that without an understanding of lasers it can be easy to see why people could view all lasers as being the same. One of the most important aspects of a safe race car is wheel alignment. The cost of the 650 is around 20 times that of the 670.The 635 is about 100 times more expensive than the 670. 4. Measuring between the marks, we can split the distance in half and place a mark at the halfway point, or at the centerline of the car. Now you have a laser level where the laser beam not only can be shooting up or down but it can also be shooting left or right at the same amount or more. Find BG Racing BGR200 B-G Racing String Line Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These are very good questions. "Pegasus racing is a really great company to deal with. Use toe plates or toe bars for the "analog" method and the laser systems for a more accurate assessment. The key to maintaining accuracy in a laser system is to be able to check the tool to make sure the beam is truly tracking at right angles to the mounting devise. This is done by turning the steering wheel lock to lock and back half the number of turns from full lock in either direction. Quick View. The racer can chose from several different levels of system from a simple string method to the advanced newly released RS400Pro Dual Wheel/Triple Laser Alignment System with Level. We do this with the strings by creating a line that is perpendicular to the centerline we have already established. It's recommended that you go over the hub surface with a flat file to eliminate any bulges or protruding edges of metal that would cause the laser to not be aligned properly. All Chassis Tools Racing Wheel Alignment lasers are the highest power allowed by law: 5 mW.In special cases we do use higher power lasers if it fits the individual application. well as our Dynamic Sway Bar Rater ‣ RACE CAR REPAIR / FABRICATION. We cover almost every type of race vehicle, from BMW to Indy Cars, and we sell to the most influential Racing Shops and Race Teams in the world, including major car and Race Car manufactures. LEFT SIDE – LASER ALIGNMENT TOOL, RIGHT SIDE – LASER ALIGNMENT TOOL. That looseness will stay with the car throughout the turns, especially ruining the turn exit. R3 Racing Magtronic Front Laser Alignment System ... AU$362.70 INC VAT AU$362.70 EX VAT. A set of tires that isn't toed correctly will create a lot of drag, much like applying the brakes, and sometimes more efficiently than the actual brakes. Understanding your car in dynamic travel is key to success in today's world of racing. Type a description for this product here... $0.00. MYTH: Laser beams shoot straight out of the center line axis and parallel to its main mechanical axis. Most enthusiasts rely on a wheel alignment specialist at the local tire shop. Well, sort of. The three most popular red lasers have wavelengths measured in in nanometers, denoted Nm.They include 670 nm, 650 nm and 635nm. Chassis Set-Up Fixtures are custom-built to meet our customers’ specific wheel bases. Brand new. Projects plumb up and down laser points and a horizontal laser point. Your information will be collected and used in accordance with our  Privacy Policy, Proper Race Car Alignment - Alignment Tech. •Chain Wheel Alignment Laser ( for either 4mm or 7mm Sprocket). The True Laser Track System Finishline Racing manufactures the True Laser Track System which mounts directly onto the hub of the car. R3 Racing Go-Kart Laser Chain Sprocket Wheel Aligner - 4mm Thick Sprocket. Once mid-rack (or mid-box with drag link steering) is found, lock the steering shaft with two Vise-Grip-type of pliers against the frame. True Laser Track Laser Alignment System. Chassis Tools has been in the Racing, Race Car wheel alignment and Race Car chassis setup business using laser wheel alignment for over ten years. The center laser projects up past the front of the chassis and can be used to align with the front crossmember, chassis front stub, and front tires. Price £558.00. Longacre Camber Gauge AU$308.03 INC VAT AU$308.03 EX VAT. SitePro. They say the laser can be flipped 90 degrees. from Virginia. This product has a laser that shoots a beam out of the end of the level and parallel to the edges of the levels surface. More power means more money.The highest power allowed by the federal government to be eye safe and not require special safety glasses is 5mW.Beam divergence is the angle of the edges of the laser beam in radians. Tru-Line TL-12 Portable Laser-Alignment System Lasers! Wave length is 532 nm, the brightest laser to the human eye that will ever be produced, and are currently the most expensive. We use the state of the art technology for our vehicle wheel alignment, the Hofmann Dynaliner Alignment Laser system. KEEP-IT SIMPLE SERIES. Get the idea? If you are using a string or laser to check your toe-out, the opposite is true. Some common pieces of equipment you may need for an alignment system include: Wheel chocks: Chocks prevent wheels from moving during the wheel alignment and are an important safety component during the alignment … The DRP Real Square Laser Wheel Alignment System The Real Square system has undergone some major improvement over the past year and now contains many features for low-tech and high-end systems. The laser stand clamps to the side of the rear clip, behind the rear tire. Going to the track? Repeat this entire process as often as you feel necessary and especially after kissing the wall or being involved in contact with another car or being involved in a crash. Quick view. FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $99! Fastech-Racing carries a full line kart racing tools including RLV, Motion Pro, Sniper, Eagle Eye, Battery Tender & Coleman. The units we can use are the True Laser Track, the Real Square Alignment Systems, and the new entry by Brunnhoelzl. Boonville, IN 47601 | Phone: 800.423.3110 •Spirit Level. Importance Of Vehicle Tracking . Subscribe; 360 Tour; 4 Wheel Laser Alignment. Demon Tweeks Smart Level Camber Frame AU$233.24 INC VAT AU$233.24 EX VAT. Price £39.60. It is what they do not tell you is where the trouble starts. The R3 Magtronic master kit is the ultimate laser alignment kit for any Karter! It's designed for teams with a special emphasis on dynamic measurements. Is that string looking pretty good now? All our products are designed specifically for its Racing Wheel Alignment application. Price £20.00. It’s portable and works on uneven surfaces, allowing you to measure and then mess with toe, camber, caster, and steering-axis inclination. A 1 inch difference equals about a inch of Ackermann or added/loss of toe for an 85 inch circumference tire. R3 Racing Magtronic Front Laser Alignment / Tracking System - Kart/Karting. In this section you'll find corner weight scales and alignment equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business, including Intercomp, Longacre, Dunlop, ART, and Smart. For perimeter cars, or ones with no offset in the chassis, we can split the measurement between the front and rear clip rails closest to the center section to find the centerline of the chassis. Therefore, the projection of this line is the basis of the relationship of the rearend to the front tires and the chassis, be it a straight rail or perimeter chassis. Construction lasers are just that, made for constructing a deck, hanging a picture, or putting in a fence post. Step 4 Right-side tire contact Patch Alignment Once the front wheels have been adjusted to point straight ahead and parallel to the centerline, we need to align the right-side tire contact patches. The light that is projected is in a vertical plane where measurements may be taken from the ground or any height reached by the light. Very user friendly laser squaring device to allow you to square your car on jack stands. Tru-Line included RaceRamp’s lightweight portable ramps as part of its solution for Toyota Research and Development, with winning results for all parties. Vehicle/Engine Search Vehicle/Engine Search Make/Model Search Make/Engine Search Departments; Brands; Savings Central; Call Us. All Chassis Tools Racing Wheel Alignment lasers are the highest power allowed by law: 5 mW. The TLT Driveline Alignment Tool ! Power is rated in milli-watt, denoted mW. B. Front-to-Rear Tracking The tire contact patches must track straight ahead from front to rear and, in most cases, we need to line up the right-side tire contact patches. Most car builders will align at least one frame-rail parallel to the intended centerline of the chassis. With the laser systems, this is done quickly and accurately. Of all of the setup parameters, including moment center location and setup balance, alignment ranks at the very beginning of the list. click here for a printable copy of this page. Now - go out and search all the racing wheel alignment system suppliers who use (improvise) construction laser levels as a laser source for their product. Replacement Bubbles for Front & Rear Laser Units (Pair) Price £2.40. Then, simply measure to the side walls or wheel rim of each front tire with the tape measure and make both front and rear measurements equal by adjusting the tie-rod lengths. The laser units hang vertically from the pinion and right and left hub adapters. Exploding Fist Race Car Build; Blog; Contact Us. To further that, you can’t take the tire shop to the racetrack. Here's how you do it. You have probably asked yourself, why can't I use a laser from Sears, Home Depot, or my local hardware store to do a wheel alignment on my Race Car? They have a tolerance. And did we mention their lasers do not have any method for calibration? 2 INTRODUCTION The Tru-Line TR-12 Series Laser Wheel Alignment System consists of the following components: 4- TR-28 Wheel Clamps 1- TR-44 Level Compensator It should always be perpendicular to the centerline of the chassis and to the right-side tire contact patches, which are themselves inline. Utilizing our racing background to bring race car performance to our customers daily drivers, or track weekend cars, is one of our specialties. We have designed a series of chassis alignment equipment that meets your racing technology objectives. RS200 Dual Wheel/Single Laser Dynamic Wheel Measurement System. Contact: Toll Free: 888-399-6074 Local: 540-483-4442 International: +01 540-483-4442 Fax: 540-484-1756 We'll now need to check to make sure the rearend is perpendicular to the chassis centerline and if not, adjust it. This eliminates errors caused by wheel toe or bent axle tubes. GREEN LASERS. Well... sort of. These are very good questions. At this time they are typically not found in construction lasers. So, if you can get your differences to inch or less, where the left side is more, you should be good to go. True Laser Track is the Best, the Easiest and the MOST Accurate Way. Click here to read what Bob Bolles had to say in the November 2007 issue of Circle Track Magazine. Now you have a laser level where the laser beam not only can be shooting up or down but it can also be shooting left or right at the same amount or more.When you put it up against the rear wheel of your car, and it could be shooting up or down or left or right. However, the following information will give you enough basic information to help you understand why you should NOT use home store lasers, or wheel alignment equipment that uses these cheap lasers to do a Racing wheel alignment. Is that string looking pretty good now? R3 Magtronic Rear Alignment Laser System. The below is applicable only for road cars. Once we locate the high point (seen as the least distance to the offset), we mark it with an arrow and then rotate the tire (be it front or rear) so the arrow is at the top pointing straight up. A product introduced in 2014. For 30 years Tru-Line has been producing the most portable, reliable, and easy-to-use laser wheel alignment system on the market. Most importantly, they are often viewed as being accurate. We can set our race toe later on after we have aligned the car. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Wheels-Aligning & Balancing in Asheville, NC. Some Systems That Are Available For Measuring AlignmentThe Brunnhoelzl Accu-Laser Measurement System A more recent addition to the laser alignment array of products is the one developed by George Brunnhoelzl. Even small amounts of toe-in or toe-out are not acceptable. The R3 Magtronic master kit is the ultimate laser alignment kit for any Karter! MYTH: Laser beams shoot straight out of the center line axis and parallel to its main mechanical axis. They are never on center line axis and parallel. Proper Race Track Laser Alignment. For our system, this provides the wall of light that we read measurements from. That's very little effort expended to make sure your car will track correctly and that misalignment will not interfere with your car's performance. Adjust the Panhard or J-bar length so that the right-side tire contact patches are inline, or if your desire is to offset these, set the desired amount. The laser shaft alignment system with enhanced measuring and reporting. Brand new. Racing Chassis Set-Up Fixtures and Alignment Equipment. This facilitates measurements to the tire contact patch, chassis frame-rails, or crossmember. Michael Loescher, chief instructor for FinishLine Racing School and creator/inventor of the "True Laser Track" is a lot like his mentor John Browning. There ARE OTHER Laser Systems out there for sale. Agreed, Mike's adjusters are great. Grab a set of wheel alignment tools at Summit Racing Equipment to fine-tune your ride just the way you like it. Most importantly, they are often viewed as being accurate. Easiest way to gain 6 - 18 HP. Take your racing back into your own hands. Steps To Take In Aligning The CarThere used to be only one reliable way to align a race car and that was by using a string and either measuring to the tires at hub height or at the floor by creating right triangles on the floor to measure from. This information that we are sharing with you comes from data we have collected over the years, by contributing countless hours of labor, and thousands of dollars spent in research and development. Simply put, you get what you pay for.What does Chassis use? Kelgate Performance Brakes Beanie. That means the laser will hang straight down eliminating the effects of camber. It is the most advanced, state of the art, portable laser alignment system designed for motorsports. Featuring technology originally developed for use by CART teams, these laser-optical chassis alignment tools allow superior accuracy in fully portable, affordable alignment equipment. Yes it is a myth. Conclusion This whole process of aligning your car should only take about an hour or two if there are several team members helping. Tru-Line believes in quality and in filling the customer needs regardless of vehicle type or working environment. Remember to be careful and accurate and do the measurements several times to be sure of the numbers. 4. A construction laser from Sears, Home Depot, or your local hardware store is extremely inaccurate for use with any Racing vehicle wheel alignment, so inaccurate in fact; that you would be better off using your old string system to do an race car alignment. Laser Product is Designated as Class 1 During All Procedures of Operation. Alignment system for any type of race car. Whatever you do, avoid those “Quicky Alignment” or generic maintenance shops, because those places will just rough it in to OEM … It can be used to set toe, Ackermann, wheel/tire alignment, rearend toe, and alignment and can be tested for accuracy before use. Quick View. Does Chassis Tools Wheel Alignment offer Green lasers as an option? With two wireless measurement units, large sized detectors and powerful lasers, the instrument performs precise measurements in even the most challenging conditions. •Set of Caster Alignment … © 2002-2021 Longacre Racing. We're going to show you some advanced systems available for the short-track racer. Start by pointing the front wheels straight ahead. Our wheel alignment products use the finest quality lasers and components available. Maintain your intended chassis ride heights once you have performed the chassis alignment process. Subtract the compensation amount from the offset read at the wheels to find how far from the string the wheels need to be in order to line up the right-side tire contact patches. Well, the cost involved is also much more affordable these days - getting your car's wheels aligned will usually cost you around $50 to $100, depending on the type of car, and it can usually be completed in 30 minutes or so. RS400PRO Quick Start Instructions. When using the string method, we need to compensate for the camber of the wheels which moves the tire contact patches out. We will set up a "box" with strings on each side and at the front and rear. The laser adjusts with a thumb screw and moves inside the laser assembly. Show phone number $1,500 . The laser stand clamps to the rear of the chassis, typically on the round tube fuel cell protection bar, a bumper bar or directly onto the rear clip behind the fuel cell. Going to the track? Do this for each front tire. Mike designed a SIMPLE and HIGHLY ACCURATE alignment system. We have over 25 years of experience in Tool Design, including 8 US patents. Near Me - Racing Laser Wheel Alignment. KS 3P 3 Point Alignment Laser. D.R. This tool is designed to be able to align your car dynamically, a quick and useful method for aligning, setting caster,camber and toe. They have a tolerance. FREE STICKERS & … Quick View . Do the measurement several times to ensure accuracy and repeatability. A product introduced in 2014. The KS 3P is ideal for one person leveling, plumb, and simple layout. One of the most important aspects of a safe race car is wheel alignment. Our final alignment will show the right-side patches are in line with one another with the rearend being perpendicular to that line. We are the FIRST pioneers of laser technology used in motor sports and unsurpassed to this day. Build your own R3 Laser Master Kit System. I'm always impressed. Why are some racing laser alignment systems more expensive than others? That's why we do the right-side alignment first. Adjust the left-side tie rod to set your toe. Shop Karting Alignment Kits and Tools parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. The "Driveline Alignment Tool" New for 2007 ! The pinion shaft is at a direct right angle to the axle line. If the rearend is pointed to the left of the centerline of the chassis, the car will be tight through the middle and off the corner. Shops with laser alignment racks are also much more common than in the past. Advanced Racing Technologies (ART) laser alignment tools bring laser precision performance to your garage! Iztech Chassis Alignment Brackets AU$46.50 INC VAT … Pull a string along the outside of the tires at the tire bulge at about the spindle-pin height (avoid the lettering areas). There is a direct correlation between beam divergence and cost. •Set of Magtronic Rear Lasers. His system attacks the "problem" of alignment from a little different view. Each has a specific purpose and function, and we will explain it to you in the simplest way possible. The laser plane is perpendicular to the base? Quick Toe Work Sheet. Align your driveline with laser accuracy. We do this by using our laser systems as described in the user manuals for each system. The TKSA 41 is an advanced laser alignment solution for achieving accurate shaft alignments. —Accu-Lign Alignment System – a revolutionary automotive alignment system that improves alignment accuracy, solves suspension access problems, and eliminates the need for roll-on pads and ramps; this system includes: four wheel plates, options for any hub pattern such as center locks, billet aluminum construction that is highly accurate (CNC-milled), and this system offers precise rolling radius/corner weight control, precise leveling with a laser … Trackace Laser Wheel Alignment Gauge ... B-G Racing Chassis Alignment String Lines AU$678.88 INC VAT AU$678.88 EX VAT. As a leading manufacturer of products designed for racecars in a variety of classes, you can rely on the high-quality, innovative designs and easy-to-use equipment in our current product categories. 1st Class Service & Huge Stock From Demon Tweeks Direct . Then, turn the steering wheel about the same amount it's turned on the track when you're going through the turns. ART Laser Alignment Tools. On most - to -mile racetracks, we need very little Ackermann to make sure the wheels are tracking inline with the radius of the turn for each wheel. •Steering wheel restraint. You have probably asked yourself, why can't I use a laser from Sears, Home Depot, or my local hardware store to do a wheel alignment on my Race Car? 02. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. This Chart is based on a 27" tire if you have any other size tire use the sheet below this one. What wheel alignment equipment do you need for your system? MK Technologies believes there is a need to bring true technological answers to the challenges that race technicians face. EUR 259.53. Track Order. When using the laser systems, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for doing that. Established in 1994.ART is the world leading manufacturer and custom designer of portable laser systems and electronic two and four wheel alignment tool, gauge and inspection equipment used for motorsports and automotive garages. Be careful how each person holds the toe plates so that the measurements are consistent. We are making these statements to hopefully save you some money, and most importantly, showing up at the race track THINKING you have a well setup race car. We show you advanced chassis alignment techniques for squaring your race car including how to use a laser alignment tool to dial in toe settings and how to set caster and camber - … There are three factors which affect a vehicle’s alignment: toe, camber, and caster. Non-Laser Chassis Alignment Laser Chain Aligner Scales & Scale Pad Stands Chassis Setup Sheets. Using a simple 3-4-5 right triangle with the lengths doubled, we can measure off the centerline to establish our line to measure to the rearend. Install the laser stand on the chassis. As we adjust the rearend side-to-side, there's a possibility that the rearend alignment will change as the rearend moves laterally. Adapters are available for all hub designs.